Return Policy

  1. The reason for the product defect when received / damaged in once or twice use only applies the warranty return (product exchange).
  2. Returns also apply if there is a mistake in sending the stuff from the Mensociete warehouse. Does not apply if consumers want to change the stuff
  3. The warranty period is valid for 7 days from the date the item is received or as long as the product has not been used.
  4. The Mensociete team has the right to reject the return process if the product delivered does not meet one of the reasons for the return policy. All return processes are carried out through the return format below.
  5. The Mensociete team will contact the customer after this form has been sent to advise whether the return will be accepted or rejected and whether a replacement stock is available.
  6. Moreover, please contact only Via Whatsapp to 0812 9675 3805 (avoiding possible system errors).
    The customer must send the product to the Mensociete warehouse after obtaining approval from CS.
  7. Returned products must be sent no later than 3 days after CS approval, and you must show the delivery receipt to CS
  8. Shipping costs to the Mensociete warehouse are paid by the customer. { padding: 0px; }